June 10, 2016

About Us

Think of us as bridging the gap between your business plan and your business results. If the business plan tells what you which to achieve, Bullenbridge helps develop and implement the right strategies to achieve your business plan.

Specialties include: • Business Planning • Sales & Marketing Leadership • Brand Mapping & Message Development • Competitive Positioning • Demand Generation & Business Development • Sales Development

Bullenbridge uses leadership skills, business acumen, broad market knowledge and passion to deliver better business performance. They are hands-on team-players with broad visionary and strategic capabilities, excellent communication skills & work ethic, solid business acumen & financial aptitude, high integrity & reliability, technology & social media savvy.  

Bullenbridge anticipates and responds well to business and market challenges; can communicate strategies and complex concepts across a diverse set of audiences, and manage client expectations with high satisfaction in a fast paced, high pressure environment.